Enter the Future.

Welcome to EDEN Oasis, where blockchain technology meets boundless creativity across three dynamic chains. Dogechain, Polygon, and Bitcoin. Discover a world of decentralized innovation and experience the power of a multi-chain ecosystems designed to empower, entertain, and enlighten the world.

Experience the Pulse of Innovation on Dogechain

Welcome to Dogechain, the bustling headquarters and primary ecosystem of EDEN Oasis. Here, the spirit of blockchain is not just about transactions—it's a lifestyle. Dogechain is a playground for both finance and fun, featuring a plethora of tokens like the stable $DOGED, the fun-loving $WAG, community token $YIP, and more, each designed to cater to different aspects of the crypto enthusiast's life.

Explore Financial Stability with $DOGED

Dive into the reliability of the Doge Dollar, backed by robust mechanisms and EDEN's unique volatility dampener, offering a steady value STABLECOIN collateralized by dogecoin.

Connect Seamlessly Across Chains with $EVE

Meet $EVE, the star of Dogechain and the bridge of zkEVM. This pioneering multichain token exemplifies the spirit of innovation and connectivity. $EVE facilitates not just transactions but also the integration of diverse blockchain technologies, enabling a fluid exchange between Dogechain and Ethereum networks. Embrace the power of $EVE to unlock new potentials in interoperability, making every cross-chain interaction smoother and more efficient.

Your Secure Gateway to Blockchain Versatility with GUARD App

Introducing Guard, the world's first wallet app bridging Dogechain and Polygon. Experience unparalleled security and flexibility as you navigate across blockchain ecosystems. Guard empowers you to manage assets efficiently, ensuring safety with cutting-edge cryptographic technology. From straightforward token transactions to complex smart contracts, Guard facilitates a seamless and secure environment for all your blockchain interactions.

Uncover the Dynamic Digital World of Bit Borough

Whether you’re trading digital assets, exploring collaborative projects, or simply soaking in the sights and sounds of this bustling metaverse, Bit Borough invites you to be a part of a continuously evolving digital story. Tap into the heart of blockchain innovation and experience a world where technology meets creativity and community.

Join us in Bit Borough, where every visit promises new adventures and endless possibilities — all on the robust and reliable zk Polygon network. Explore, engage, and expand your horizons with us.

Trade, Connect, and Grow in the Eden Marketplace

Step into the Eden Marketplace, where the vibrant heart of our community pulses with activity. This bustling hub offers a variety of digital assets and services, facilitated by the seamless integration of Dogechain technologies. Whether you're trading your tokenized assets, acquiring unique digital items, or exploring new business opportunities, Eden Marketplace provides a secure and dynamic environment.

Secure Your Legacy with the Eden Oasis Tree of Life on Bitcoin Layer 2

Step into the future of public sector tokenization with the Tree of Life onEden Oasis. Powered by Bitcoin’s unparalleled security and reliability, this initiative offers a transformative approach to managing and safeguarding public assets. Through the innovative platform, we harness the strength of Guard to provide a decentralized, transparent solution for preserving and enhancing the value of public sector contributions.

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